What You Thought Was Illegal Your Whole Life But It Is NOT…

Flipping off a cop is not illegal. That is protected under freedom of speech. I still wouldn’t do it.

Did you know if the cops lie to you it is NOT ILLEGAL? They can lie to you about anything it does not matter. But yet it is ILLEGAL for us to lie to them.

Counting cards at a casino is not ILLEGAL. You cannot get arrested for counting cards.I mean they will let you do that for a second but then they will let you leave. I have always thought if someone was that good that they have figured it out, why not go for it. It is like a game where you can shoot hoops at the fair. If you keep winning stuffed animals, it is because you are just too good. The only reason they would not allow that is because everyone will try to do that and the odds would be worse.

Discussing your wages with fellow employees is not illegal. I know there is something in people’s contracts that say not to disclose with other employees. Discussing your wages with other employees is protected by the Labor Relations Act in 1935. People think it is illegal to disclose. Some people just try to avoid talking about it to avoid drama.

Refusing service, people think it is ILLEGAL but it’s not.

If you drive with the interior of you light on is NOT illegal! Many of our parents made us think that was something we would get pulled over for. We were raised to think it was illegal.

Bringing your snacks to the theater is NOT ILLEGAL.

Driving barefoot is NOT ILLEGAL.

Recording someone on your phone in PUBLIC is NOT ILLEGAL.

Not having a picture ID at all times is NOT ILLEGAL. In Jersey they issue DRIVER LICENSE with NO PICTURE, so what is the purpose of that.

Witnessing a violent act and walking away. Unless there is a good samaritan law in place it is not illegal. So just think where ever you are at you have to check if they have that law in place. JK

People think not giving a 2-week notice for a job is illegal. People think they are required by law to give a 2 weeks notice. What about these people that quit over the intercom? They don’t get arrested.