NFL takes the players’ criminal behavior more lenient than any other professional sport.

How do players get away with their criminal behavior in the NFL?

Calvin Ridley from the Atlanta Falcons is suspended for the entire 2022 season because he was betting on games last year. This was placed over 5 days, he wasn’t even playing at that point he was out for like a non-football illness they say (his mental health). He made a bet of a total of 1500 dollars which included a bet on his own team he didn’t bet against them he took them to win. The NFL said that there was no way that any game was compromised in any way. That Ridley can apply for reinstatement in February 2023 now just in case you are keeping track at home here are some of the major NFL suspensions. Now you got Ridley that is suspended for the entire season 17 games. 

You got Ray Rice who beat his Fiance 2 GAMES

Adrian Peterson Felony Child Abuse 6 GAMES 

Ezequiel Elliot  Hitting Women 6 GAMES

Greg Hardy how also beat his girlfriend 4 GAMES

And now Calvin Ridley who betted 1500 dollars on Fandule.

Let us us not forget Josh Gordon who missed out on 6 seasons just for smoking weed. 

Are we mixing different set of rules and suspensions? 

As a gambler, they can say that this was a fixed game. 

It seems like messing with money as a player. It is much more of a serious penalty than physically hurting another person. These players ought to get kicked out of the team for criminal conduct. The NFL should set an example to the rest of them thugs that are running around in a jersey on the field. Keep them from acting a fool in public.