There is a school district under fire, in North Carolina, there were reports that a mock slave auction was taken on school property. Where the black students were sold. Who thought this was a good idea? Does not one pay attention to the news, don’t you think maybe somebody will complain about that? One parent even had a video of one of the kids recording the slave auction by his classmates. When he opened up we were made aware of this stuff it seem to be a norm and didn’t seem to think it was worth sharing. His friend quote went for 350 dollars and another student was a slave master, which he quotes” knew how to handle them”. The superintendent of the school took action and I quote “does not reflect who we are as a school system and unapologetically it will not be tolerated in the school system”. So a ton of people came out to the school board meeting to change discrimination policies and apologies to the students that were involved in the slave auction. 

So what are they trying to accomplish?  It is not like the students are saying it is good. Of course, we learn about it, they teach us in school about it. How easy was it for teachers back then to just wheel in the VCR and big TV on that cart and allow the movie roots to show us how it used to be done. We learned about it with the movie and some in the textbooks and called it a day. We didn’t have to act out a slave auction. AGAIN for the people in charge were you paying attention at all? Are you trying to get fired?