Extravagant gifts celebrities have given to their significant others

When asked Lisa Ling what is the best gift she has received from Oprah. Lisa Ling, Oprah’s friend, received a book from Oprah. She said she loved it (but then again she isn’t going to talk bad about Oprah.) How disappointing! Her audience gets better stuff than that, and you got a book? How lame, you are personal friends with a billionaire and you get a book. Ha.

Here goes a quick list of these INSANE gifts.

Ben Affleck gave JLO a fantom Rolls Royce back in 2002 it was worth over 400,000$.

Cardi B surprised Offset with a Rolls Royce for his 26 birthday.

Rob Kardashian gave his back then fiance Black China a 200,000$ of a purple Lamborghini. 

Justin Beaver bought an entire flower shop for his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez back in 2011. 

David Beckham gave Victoria Beckham an 8 million dollar Bulgari necklace. 

Courtney Cox gave her then-husband David Arqued a 45,000 dollars antique carousel horse for Valentine’s day. 

Angelina Jolie gave Brad Pit a 20,000$ 200-year-old olive tree.

Denver Bronco new Quarterback Russell Williams rented out the Seattle art museum for a date with Ciara in 2017.

Jay-Z bought his wife Beyonce a private island in Florida, Keys for Beyonce’s birthday in 2010.