California is #1 for Catalytic Converter thefts in the Nation

Losers Losers Losers are still up to no good. It is still on the rise nationwide, with California with honor leading the entire country for being number one for catalytic converter thefts. This means we have more losers here stealing catalytic converters the most in the country. With no repercussions getting caught. According to the latest data from State Farm. As many insurance companies suggest parking in their closed parking garage, well-lit areas, or your driveway. We have the most stolen catalytic converters in California #1

These losers earn money the lamest way. By stealing a part of a car that costs around 1200$.

Catalytic converter thefts have increased more than 500 percent from 2020 to 2021, with most thefts taking place between January to October, according to the City of Irvine.


I AM DISTRAUGHT ! someone please send me any information you have on this man !!

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Just this year in Orange County California one of Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s finest K9 by the name of Enzo. Back in January 2022 K9 Enzo, together with his fellow K9 Mac and their handlers, assisted in arresting suspects in a ring of catalytic converter thefts overnight in the city of Santa Ana, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Todd Hylton. The 4-legged officers also assisted in the arrest of Peter Gonzalez, 18 of San Bernardino, and two juveniles, during the take-down.