Before parents go off spending tuition money in all kinds of silly classes here is what to watch out for…

The number of people enrolling in to college has seen a big drop since the begging of the pandemic 3.1% last fall 6.6% since 2019 so overall it adds up to 1.2 million fewer students attending college this year.

It’s not just the pandemic its tuition cost and some other factors as well.

If i am one of these parents and I have to pay the bill, I have to know every class you are taking.

There are so many dumb classes out there. There are weird courses like “Introduction To Surfing” like why would I pay college prices for an introduction to surfing.

Nature of Society: Beyoncé intersectionality. It’s a three-credit class all things Beyoncé.

There are a lot of pop culture classes that parents pay for.

It touches on racism, sexism, and more! What a joke. I am not paying for that class! If you want to take it on your dime.

Tree climbing class is a class at Cornell University. It’s a one-credit course that shows you how to get up a tree and get around, climb to another tree, and more. If a am paying for an Ivy league school I am not paying for one credit class. That one-hour class at Cornell University is still 1,600$.

UC Berkely offers a one-credit course: taking a deep dive into court shows and the common things that happen in courtrooms. It is about arguing with Judge Judy, popular logic on TV, and more.

High point university in High Point North Carolina has Harry Potter Understanding Good and Evil 4 credit seminar. Taught there looking at the good and evil lens of JK Roland’s classic.

You have to pick out of a pool of these elective classes as a requirement in college.

Montclair State in Mount Claire NJ has a 3 credit class ‘Going Viral’ the class is about how to go viral on the internet.

A course at Long Island University is how the Simpsons Saved American Literature. I bet there is a ton of classes that has the Simpsons. 1600$ per credit and if it is 3x that totals out to 4800$ for one Simpson class.

Westminister College in Salt Lake City is offering a course on Pornografic studies. The course description says hard-core pornography is as American as apple pie. People who take this course will watch pornographic films together. Then discuss the sexualization of race, class, and gender as an art form. OKAY, that is what they are going for the art.